Sunday, July 31, 2016

DANCING....why you want to do it but won't

Dancing posses so many benefits it's so obvious that's good for us. For centuries man has been dancing from simple beginnings as ceremonies in ancient cultures. Today, we choose to dance for pleasure. In this article, dancing has brain improving benefits (CLICK HERE)

Why you won't dance
You want to dance but here's why you won't.
EMBARRASSMENT: you fear that you will mess up and look like a fool. Your body is telling you to move but your fears get in the way and prevent you from making those dance moves. Are you really going to bottle up those natural emotions that want to be released from inside? But you hold back and bottle it up inside. Everyone feels this too.

EGO: your fears are caused by your ego not allowing you to release your natural dance energy. Your ego traps you to hold in the natural dance energy and instead mask it. Instead of dancing, you try to act hard and put on a hard tough look. The most insecure are the ones who seek validation from others by looking towards their friends and act goofy pretending to be having a good time.

WOOOO girls: now don't get me wrong when a set or a sound in the song suddenly drops and you feel this explosion of energy from within you feel compelled to let out a loud but subtle WOOOO!!!! But sometimes there are girls who randomly and obnoxiously let out an annoying WOOOO!!!

You're not fooling anyone. Your insecurities are starting to come out and it's so obvious.

The solution
SURRENDER: surrender your ego, surrender your fears, surrender your soul to the music that pleases you. Let go, close your eyes and allow the music to take you on a journey. When you're able to do this, it's amazing....orgasmic. Those who have been able to accomplish this understand. You don't need alcohol to mask your inner feelings to express yourself through dance.

Dance because it's therapeutic. Dance because it frees you from your ego that has locked you up in chains preventing you from expressing yourself.

Monday, May 30, 2016

INTERSTELLAR MOVIE: Science...not science fiction

 If you have ever seen the movie Interstellar it is amazing to say the least. My favorite scene is on Miller's planet and the approaching wave that measured 1km was simply breathtaking. Not to mention the other scenes such as the worm whole near Saturn or the image of Gargantua the black hole.

However, can such events take place in our universe? Is Interstellar simply movie magic? Or is there credible science to the movie?

The movie itself was written by Christopher Nolan with the help of Astrophysicist Kip Thorne who is regarded as one of the leading Astrophysicists today. (Click Here) to watch a 1hr video of the science of Interstellar according to Kip Thorne. Together, the movie of Interstellar became real and as scientifically plausible as possible. Some scenes perhaps might be a far chance of reality but in the science of physics plausible...but probably not possible. For example, the worm hole near Saturn where the Endeavor space shuttle that was carrying the crew to venture into another dimension turns out that worm holes are possible according to the physics. However, to keep a worm hole open long enough to allow a space shuttle inside to transport into another dimension is highly not possible at least not yet. Can it happen? Perhaps we will have to wait and find out.

Black Hole Gargantua
Gargantua is the name of the black hole in the movie. The black hole plays an important role because Miller's planet is orbiting Gargantua. The black hole was designed using data about light and stars and how they would be influenced approaching the black hole. The light that surrounds the black hole is called the accretion disc. The accretion disc is the remains of light that is orbiting around the black hole giving the black hole it's orbital shape. The scientific community has agreed that depiction of Gargantua in the movie is what a black hole would look like if we were close enough to see them.

Millers Planet and 1km Waves
The scene on Millers Planet showed a wave the size of 1km. But how is this possible? It's simple. Since Miller's planet is so close to the black hole Gargantua the massive gravitational pull that Gargantua places on Miller's Planet stretches and pulls against the planet that causes the wave to stretch 1km. Our moon that orbits our Earth creates the wave sizes that we can witness on our planet. The moon's gravitational pull is much less than Gargantua. Therefore, waves the size of 1km is not that far fetched depending on gravitational pull against an orbiting planet and or moon.

The science of Interstellar is plausible...and possible. Drafted from Science...not science fiction.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Food allergies and natural selection

Are food allergies real? If you were isolated, away from civilization and hungry would you skip on perfectly good food because you think you have a food allergy? Why don't food allergies appear in poor groups of civilizations? How interesting there's no such thing as a bacon allergy, a steak allergy, a candy allergy. Give me a break. Food allergies are creating more and more sensitive weak people in modern society. Why? Because we appease to their whims. Cultures and societies that rely on primal strength never appease to weakness. We listen to strength.

Just lately food allergens have sprung up as if everyone has some kind of food allergy sensitivity. How real and how authentic are food allergies? I use to work as a food safety inspector for the retail grocery chain industry. There are at least 5 or 6 foods that have a high potential to create allergic reactions in people who get reactions to the following foods:

- Fish
- Shellfish
- Milk
- Eggs
- Tree nuts
- Peanuts
- Soy
- Wheat and gluten containing foods (grains)

These foods have the potential to create allergic reactions in people. That's why there are labels warning consumers about the potential allergic reactions that these foods can have.

However, the food allergy syndrome has gone too far. I've heard people claiming that foods such as avocados, onions give them allergic reactions. Give me a break. Avocado allergy??? Really??? 

Food sensitivities are NON-SENSE
There are a few people FEW who should not eat the foods above that can cause reactions. But these are very few people. 90% of allergic reactions come from the above foods and so that means that 10% come from other foods (click here for the numbers). However, we are starting to find out that food sensitivities are not based on truth. 

I want to say something about this. I would guarantee, that if you were in an isolated place on Earth and the foods that cause allergic reactions were only available we would eat them with no care for reactions because it's about our survival. People who live in poverty don't have the time, resources or care to get allergies from food sources. The are struggling to survive so any food that comes to them is survival. 

Natural selection
Natural selection selects the strongest species to survive and carry on the stronger genes to the next generation. People with food allergies are very prone to be selected and die out. Imagine if total anarchy would to fall upon modern society. The stronger humans would survive and adapt to the fall of modern society and impose some sort of primal strength survival. Those humans who are sick, nimble, who are dependent upon others to help them will most likely die. People with food allergies will either have to adapt to the change in the fall of society and will have to eat the only available food regardless if there are allergens or suffer for lack of food suitable to their dietary needs. 

Nature doesn't care about your dietary needs. It will provide nutrients whether you have food allergies or not. Nature will provide and produce nutrients. 

Wheat, gluten and bread
Do you know what gluten is? The show host Jimmy Kimmel went out and asked random people if they knew what gluten is the results are very surprising, Click here for the video. People claim to have gluten allergies but don't even know what it is. Wow!!! How ridiculous. Bread and gluten has been available to people for thousands of years. People today eat tremendous loads of bread all over the world. But for some reason in North America Gluten allergies are running rampant and are demonized by nutrition experts.

Closing thoughts
I'm going to go ahead and enjoy bread, pizza, and peanuts. They are nutritious for you, they have been around for a very long time, I wouldn't lose sleep over food allergies wrecking chaos on our nutritional lives. Most people in the world enjoy these them and enjoy them. How interesting that there is no such thing as a bacon allergy, a steak allergy, a donut allergy. Give me a freaking break. Better yet, give me some bread. 

Be a survivalist and don't succumb to the wussification of modern society. Be tough, and enjoy nutritious food. 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Nicotine...NOT the danger once thought

When I'm talking about Nicotine I'm not talking about cigarettes. I'm only talking about nicotine. Nicotine has shown very promising benefits for your brain.
- No nicotine does not give you cancer
- No nicotine does not kill you
- No nicotine does not harm you

What does nicotine do!
- Nicotine promotes improved brain function
- Nicotine is anti-alzheimers meaning it helps prevent this disease
- Nicotine calms you when your stressed
- Nicotine lifts you up when you're down
- Nicotine improves cognitive function

Here's an article of numerous ones that talks about the mental benefits of nicotine (Click Here)

There are several nicotine products on the market that you can try to promote improved brain activity.

Don't take my word for it. I'm simply spreading alternative knowledge and to promote truth to separate fact from fiction. The word is out and nicotine is a promoter of greater improved brain function. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Why fear ghosts?

If you never heard of what a ghost is and you never seen one personified on TV how would you know to be afraid of them? Would you be afraid?

Fear is a learned behavior
There are only two fears we are born with. The fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. Therefore, that means that all other fears are learned behaviors. When it comes to the supernatural images of lightly human figured entities that float in mid air conjure up fears. The conditioning has been taking place since we can remember. 

Personification of ghosts
Reflecting back to when you can remember ghosts have always been portrayed in media and TV as haunting entities causing suffering to human victims. The movie 'Ghostbusters' stars a ghost villain by the name of 'Slimer'. Slimer is is a green goblin looking ghost seen haunting the New York City library. Slimer doesn't look as menacing as other ghosts in popular culture but the point is clear. Slimer personifies the majority of ghosts in media as haunting entities. Another movie that personifies ghosts in a much more frightening light is the movie The Ring. The ghost Samara terrifies her victims to death and I have to admit its very scary. I remember having to watch several scenes in that movie with my eyes closed. 

Some less than scary ghosts are the cartoon character Casper the friendly ghost. Another ghost that's not so scary is Patrick Swayze in the movie titled 'Ghost' where he appears to his wife Demi Moore in the famous clay scene. The scene reflects and shows that love endures even in the after life. 

Regardless of romance and cartoons, I believe that ghosts have been wrongfully personified. I don't believe for one second that anyone has ever been killed by the supernatural. There is the Hammersmith murder case of England that took place in 1804 which remains open for interpretation. However, you will never hear on the news of any ghosts wanted for murder or for that matter you will never find a ghost on the FBI's most wanted list. 

Questions remain
Why do ghosts rarely appear in  broad daylight? Why don't ghosts appear in crowds of people such as in cities or stadiums? Another question, when we're born we come into this world naked but eye witness accounts always show ghosts with either clothes on or some cloth. Regardless, I think it's safe to say that no one is scared of ghosts in crowds of people. There is strength in numbers.

Reasons why you have nothing to fear 
First off, ghosts can't hurt you. I don't care what people say because people claim many things. People have claimed that they've seen Elvis, or have been abducted by aliens and numerous other claims that come a sense of skepticism. Regardless, no one is dying because of ghosts or no one is checking into the hospital because of ghost inflicted wounds. I remain highly skeptical.
Second, since our fears of ghosts stem from their personification from Hollywood how do we now know if ghosts are spirits with unresolved issues and are asking for our help? 
Third, you have nothing to fear of ghosts because they are harmless. 
Lastly, you have nothing to fear from ghosts because in many cases they DON'T EXIST!!!!! 

You think I'm off in my observations about ghosts? Well, I'll say this. I don't fear ghosts. There is nothing to fear from ghosts. The real monsters are humans. Humans are much more capable of inflicting harm to me than any ghost.