Sunday, July 31, 2016

DANCING....why you want to do it but won't

Dancing posses so many benefits it's so obvious that's good for us. For centuries man has been dancing from simple beginnings as ceremonies in ancient cultures. Today, we choose to dance for pleasure. In this article, dancing has brain improving benefits (CLICK HERE)

Why you won't dance
You want to dance but here's why you won't.
EMBARRASSMENT: you fear that you will mess up and look like a fool. Your body is telling you to move but your fears get in the way and prevent you from making those dance moves. Are you really going to bottle up those natural emotions that want to be released from inside? But you hold back and bottle it up inside. Everyone feels this too.

EGO: your fears are caused by your ego not allowing you to release your natural dance energy. Your ego traps you to hold in the natural dance energy and instead mask it. Instead of dancing, you try to act hard and put on a hard tough look. The most insecure are the ones who seek validation from others by looking towards their friends and act goofy pretending to be having a good time.

WOOOO girls: now don't get me wrong when a set or a sound in the song suddenly drops and you feel this explosion of energy from within you feel compelled to let out a loud but subtle WOOOO!!!! But sometimes there are girls who randomly and obnoxiously let out an annoying WOOOO!!!

You're not fooling anyone. Your insecurities are starting to come out and it's so obvious.

The solution
SURRENDER: surrender your ego, surrender your fears, surrender your soul to the music that pleases you. Let go, close your eyes and allow the music to take you on a journey. When you're able to do this, it's amazing....orgasmic. Those who have been able to accomplish this understand. You don't need alcohol to mask your inner feelings to express yourself through dance.

Dance because it's therapeutic. Dance because it frees you from your ego that has locked you up in chains preventing you from expressing yourself.

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