Friday, April 15, 2016

Why fear ghosts?

If you never heard of what a ghost is and you never seen one personified on TV how would you know to be afraid of them? Would you be afraid?

Fear is a learned behavior
There are only two fears we are born with. The fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. Therefore, that means that all other fears are learned behaviors. When it comes to the supernatural images of lightly human figured entities that float in mid air conjure up fears. The conditioning has been taking place since we can remember. 

Personification of ghosts
Reflecting back to when you can remember ghosts have always been portrayed in media and TV as haunting entities causing suffering to human victims. The movie 'Ghostbusters' stars a ghost villain by the name of 'Slimer'. Slimer is is a green goblin looking ghost seen haunting the New York City library. Slimer doesn't look as menacing as other ghosts in popular culture but the point is clear. Slimer personifies the majority of ghosts in media as haunting entities. Another movie that personifies ghosts in a much more frightening light is the movie The Ring. The ghost Samara terrifies her victims to death and I have to admit its very scary. I remember having to watch several scenes in that movie with my eyes closed. 

Some less than scary ghosts are the cartoon character Casper the friendly ghost. Another ghost that's not so scary is Patrick Swayze in the movie titled 'Ghost' where he appears to his wife Demi Moore in the famous clay scene. The scene reflects and shows that love endures even in the after life. 

Regardless of romance and cartoons, I believe that ghosts have been wrongfully personified. I don't believe for one second that anyone has ever been killed by the supernatural. There is the Hammersmith murder case of England that took place in 1804 which remains open for interpretation. However, you will never hear on the news of any ghosts wanted for murder or for that matter you will never find a ghost on the FBI's most wanted list. 

Questions remain
Why do ghosts rarely appear in  broad daylight? Why don't ghosts appear in crowds of people such as in cities or stadiums? Another question, when we're born we come into this world naked but eye witness accounts always show ghosts with either clothes on or some cloth. Regardless, I think it's safe to say that no one is scared of ghosts in crowds of people. There is strength in numbers.

Reasons why you have nothing to fear 
First off, ghosts can't hurt you. I don't care what people say because people claim many things. People have claimed that they've seen Elvis, or have been abducted by aliens and numerous other claims that come a sense of skepticism. Regardless, no one is dying because of ghosts or no one is checking into the hospital because of ghost inflicted wounds. I remain highly skeptical.
Second, since our fears of ghosts stem from their personification from Hollywood how do we now know if ghosts are spirits with unresolved issues and are asking for our help? 
Third, you have nothing to fear of ghosts because they are harmless. 
Lastly, you have nothing to fear from ghosts because in many cases they DON'T EXIST!!!!! 

You think I'm off in my observations about ghosts? Well, I'll say this. I don't fear ghosts. There is nothing to fear from ghosts. The real monsters are humans. Humans are much more capable of inflicting harm to me than any ghost. 

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