Saturday, April 23, 2016

Food allergies and natural selection

Are food allergies real? If you were isolated, away from civilization and hungry would you skip on perfectly good food because you think you have a food allergy? Why don't food allergies appear in poor groups of civilizations? How interesting there's no such thing as a bacon allergy, a steak allergy, a candy allergy. Give me a break. Food allergies are creating more and more sensitive weak people in modern society. Why? Because we appease to their whims. Cultures and societies that rely on primal strength never appease to weakness. We listen to strength.

Just lately food allergens have sprung up as if everyone has some kind of food allergy sensitivity. How real and how authentic are food allergies? I use to work as a food safety inspector for the retail grocery chain industry. There are at least 5 or 6 foods that have a high potential to create allergic reactions in people who get reactions to the following foods:

- Fish
- Shellfish
- Milk
- Eggs
- Tree nuts
- Peanuts
- Soy
- Wheat and gluten containing foods (grains)

These foods have the potential to create allergic reactions in people. That's why there are labels warning consumers about the potential allergic reactions that these foods can have.

However, the food allergy syndrome has gone too far. I've heard people claiming that foods such as avocados, onions give them allergic reactions. Give me a break. Avocado allergy??? Really??? 

Food sensitivities are NON-SENSE
There are a few people FEW who should not eat the foods above that can cause reactions. But these are very few people. 90% of allergic reactions come from the above foods and so that means that 10% come from other foods (click here for the numbers). However, we are starting to find out that food sensitivities are not based on truth. 

I want to say something about this. I would guarantee, that if you were in an isolated place on Earth and the foods that cause allergic reactions were only available we would eat them with no care for reactions because it's about our survival. People who live in poverty don't have the time, resources or care to get allergies from food sources. The are struggling to survive so any food that comes to them is survival. 

Natural selection
Natural selection selects the strongest species to survive and carry on the stronger genes to the next generation. People with food allergies are very prone to be selected and die out. Imagine if total anarchy would to fall upon modern society. The stronger humans would survive and adapt to the fall of modern society and impose some sort of primal strength survival. Those humans who are sick, nimble, who are dependent upon others to help them will most likely die. People with food allergies will either have to adapt to the change in the fall of society and will have to eat the only available food regardless if there are allergens or suffer for lack of food suitable to their dietary needs. 

Nature doesn't care about your dietary needs. It will provide nutrients whether you have food allergies or not. Nature will provide and produce nutrients. 

Wheat, gluten and bread
Do you know what gluten is? The show host Jimmy Kimmel went out and asked random people if they knew what gluten is the results are very surprising, Click here for the video. People claim to have gluten allergies but don't even know what it is. Wow!!! How ridiculous. Bread and gluten has been available to people for thousands of years. People today eat tremendous loads of bread all over the world. But for some reason in North America Gluten allergies are running rampant and are demonized by nutrition experts.

Closing thoughts
I'm going to go ahead and enjoy bread, pizza, and peanuts. They are nutritious for you, they have been around for a very long time, I wouldn't lose sleep over food allergies wrecking chaos on our nutritional lives. Most people in the world enjoy these them and enjoy them. How interesting that there is no such thing as a bacon allergy, a steak allergy, a donut allergy. Give me a freaking break. Better yet, give me some bread. 

Be a survivalist and don't succumb to the wussification of modern society. Be tough, and enjoy nutritious food. 

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